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Joyful Xpectations!

Joyful Xpectations was born from a desire to follow my dreams - visions that never seemed to fade - even when put on a back burner to raise children!

Where passion meets possibility. . . 'Whose passion and what possibility' you may ask? Well, like the vibrant and animated person I am, I actually don't have just ONE answer for you!!

My name is Kathy Larabee. I am the wife of a wonderful man of 34 years and the mother of three beautiful grown children, a daughter-in-love and a granddaughter!.

I have an unbridled passion for birth. I loved being pregnant and although I prepared as much as I was able to for my sons' births, it was the support I had from my sister, Joy, at the birth of my daughter that changed my life and the way I feel about birth.

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Now, I am passionate to both teach about pregnancy/childbirth through prenatal classes as an Educator AND attend birth to support women through their labour and delivery as a Doula. The evidence-based backing for prenatal education and support during birth is actually changing medical history. . . Numerous books and medical articles continue to be written on the enormous paybacks to women and their newborns.

As I study and learn about all the things I love, I sometimes come across something that enhances what I am already doing. Like essential oils. On my own journey toward wellness, I have found these to be so beneficial that I can't help but share a little of this passion too!

I also have a desire to create. Quilting and sewing, baking and crafting - things that fill the space of time between babies being born! My fondness for these beloved activities was mostly fostered by my own mother, in whose footsteps I follow.

My hope is that in some small way I may share some joy with you in this journey of life.

Thank you for visiting my site!