AromaTouch Essential Oils

AromaTouch Essential Oil Application

At Joyful Xpectations! I am passionate about the journey toward health. I recognize that, for some, this may be a long and difficult passage but I am here to encourage and help along the way! For others, I am here to enhance your already healthy walk of life.

The AromaTouch technique works to promote health and well-being to those who may be suffering from stress and imbalance (both internal and external) and promote homeostasis - the balance our bodies need to function optimally.

The application incorporates a simple hand technique along the spine, head and feet with specially designed essential oil blends.

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Treatments last approximately 45 minutes to one hour in length. It will be your time to relax, take a quiet rest and be rejuvenated.

Cost: $60

Please call to make arrangements for an appointment that suits your schedule.

**Note that for best results, you should wait at least 12 hours before swimming or bathing to allow the oils to have optimum effect. Please schedule your appointment accordingly (as you will likely have oils in your hair).