Kari & Steve

‚ÄčI had read a few books on pregnancy & birth prior to our first baby's arrival, but thought with the help of my husband, the labor & delivery nurses, and my belief that my body would know what to do, giving birth would be OK! As thrilled as we were with a new baby in our lives, her birth story was not so wonderful.

Obviously giving birth is no pleasure cruise, and all births are different, but I must share how much of a difference our Doula Kathy made for the birth of our second child.

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With our first birth we really did not have much of a birth plan, besides "get baby out relatively quickly" and "with as little pain as possible (open to epidural if needed)". We decided to go with induction, as baby was 10 days overdue, and things progressed very quickly. The L&D staff was stretched very thin (which happens with such a baby boom in the area) and unfortunately we were not well cared for. Bless the hardworking nurses, who are constantly run off their feet, but there was no chance for pain management or support from the staff. Even though we brought home a beautiful, healthy baby, the birth was an emotionally and physically traumatic event that we did not want to experience again with our second child. So, we met with Kathy.

Kathy visited us and we instantly knew she was the missing link we needed to help make our next birth a better experience. She was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the birthing process, and was sensitive to our concerns. Kathy respected our choices and wishes as we created a birth plan together. She prepared us with many tips to help manage pain without medical intervention. She was there with us from the onset of labor, coaching with different techniques through every contraction, and would not leave us until we said we were OK on our own with our beautiful new baby.

Having Kathy's support and skills for our labor and delivery made it such a wonderful experience and we highly recommend her as a Doula!