The Doula Package

The Doula Package

It is extremely important to me that we have a (free) consultation appointment to discuss your expectations, answer questions and decide whether I am the right fit for you. Birth is a historical event and you want the best birth possible with a doula that fits you and your needs. It is recommended to interview at least three doulas before making your decision.

Once you hire me, we generally will have 2-3 prenatal visits (ALWAYS tailored to you), I am then on call 24/7 two weeks prior to the estimated due date of your baby until you go into labour, 24 hour support during labour and birth, and at least one visit postnatal.

Prenatal visits include limited childbirth education (please see my Childbirth Education classes), review of comfort techniques and preparation for birth. It is best to have these visits in your home if you are planning to labour at home, however, I am flexible to work with you.

Note to Dads/Partners: It is NEVER my intention to replace you. As your doula, I am here to promote normal birth and support you to fully partake in your baby's birth. So often, dads/partners seem to be lost in the process, and after all, this is YOUR baby too!‚Äč

Please call or email to set up your free consultation appointment!