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We are all guardians of the ancestral medicines, we are remembering. The Rebozo is an extension of our bodies and the company to our hearts. The traditional Midwives from Mexico are happy to have their work all around the globe.




The rebozo is a hand-woven shawl used in the day-to-day lives of the Mexican people. It is steeped with a rich cultural history and is considered a sacred cloth by many.

From the time spent in the womb until the death of a person, rebozos are integrated into the very essence of living . This includes use for aiding in pregnancy, birth, baby-wearing, padding for carrying baskets and other work-related activity, massages, head coverings, protection from the sun, fashion and symbols for marriage and mourning - up to and including burial in a rebozo. They are generally worn by women.

Each region of Mexico has a particular way of weaving and/or colour patterns that is unique to the people from that area. So, if you are a local, you will likely know where the family is from according to their destinctive colours and design.

I desire to honour the history and sacredness of this amazing cloth prior to sharing the benefits during pregnancy and bitth because I believe it matters.


The rebozo has a wide variety of uses for support in pregnancy including belly lifting, belly support, hip support and general comfort and grounding purposes.

During labour and birth there are many applications that help with pain management, comfort techniques, and aid in the pushing stage.

DISCLAIMER: Although midwives who have sufficient training in the use of the rebozo can do positional manipulation, all work that I do with the rebozo is for COMFORT MEASURES ONLY.

I have a DO-NO-HARM practice and therefore do NOTHING medical or anything considered medical.

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