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As doulas, midwives, nurses, and doctors, it’s important to never underestimate how deeply and trusted we are with someone’s most vulnerable, raw, authentic self. We witness their heroic journeys, see them emerge with their babies, hearts wide open…

Kathy Larabee

Joyful Xpectations!



My name is Kathy Larabee. I am a wife, mother and grandmother and I have an unbridled passion for birth!


I loved being pregnant and although I prepared as much as I was able to for my sons' births, it was the support I had from my sister, Joy, at the birth of my daughter that changed my life and the way I feel about birth. I want to make a difference - because BIRTH MATTERS!!

Joyful Xpectations was born from the a desire to follow my dreams - visions that never seemed to fade - even when put on a back burner to raise children.


'Whose passion and what possibility' you may ask? Well, like the vibrant and animated person I am, I actually don't have just ONE answer for you!!


I am passionate to both teach about pregnancy/childbirth through prenatal classes AND attend births to support families as they become families. The evidence-based backing for prenatal education and doula support in birth is changing medical history. . . Numerous books and medical articles continue to be written on the enormous paybacks to families and their newborns with education and doula support.


I am creative in a few different areas and want that creativity to flow into how I support clients. Enter: Placenta Printing and Rebozo work. My hope is that in some small way, I may share some joy with you in this journey of life and the significance of birth.


Doulas are trained and experienced in providing the necessary encouragement, reassurance, physical comfort-measures and non-medical advice throughout pregnancy, labour and birth. Doulas also give support to the partner and NOT take the place of the partner. As your birth doula, I help ensure a safe and satisfying birth experience.

I am a Certified birth Doula with DONA International CD(DONA) and am a certified Stillbirthday Loss and Bereavement Doula. I also hold a Master Rebozo certificate and use this beautiful cloth to help aid with comfort techniques, pain management and support for pregnancy and labour.

I can provide reassurance and perspective to you, make suggestions for labour progress, and help with a multitude of labour positions and comfort techniques.


I am dedicated to supporting childbearing families with a passion for building healthy communities. I hold the following qualifications:

For these reasons, I am focused on providing comprehensive education and birtth doula care support to families in Cochrane, Calgary, Airdrie and the Okotoks area. I firmly believe all families matter and deserve evidence-based wrap-around support.

I co-facilitate a DONA-approved Birth Doula Training program in Alberta and British Columbia, as well as serve as a mentor to many new and aspiring Doulas.

In much joy,

Kathy Larabee

Kathy Larabee
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